Website Maintenance and Administration

Once a website is created, most of the clients believe that the work is done. While sitting and waiting for the results to show up, comes the realisation that the real work is just beginning. You have to maintain your website in order to generate constant visitor flow that enjoys your content. Just as any organism, websites, too, die without a constant care. In order to get the best results, one has to regularly upload new content, be it text publications, pictures, video material, or any other. If you want to administrate your website properly, you need to learn HTML language, own photo editing tools and know how to use it, continually track and assess your visitors and understand SEO principles, etc.

You can either dedicate a very large amount of your time in administering your website yourself, or you can leave this work for us. We can make it simple for you. Just write us an e-mail describing which modifications and other administrative tasks need to be performed, and we will take care of it.

Why is it worth dedicating the administrative tasks to us?


Save your time

No need to spend your time on administration tasks — use your time more efficiently by focusing on your direct responsibilities instead.


Do not know how to administrate

We administer all content management systems, including the most complex ones. We also take care of websites, which do not have any content management systems.


No need to hire an employee

Save your income — we provide short-term website admin plans, and therefore there is no need to hire an employee of your own for your website maintenance.

Website maintenance works

  • Add/Delete pictures to/from a gallery;
  • Add YouTube videos;
  • Upload articles/blog entries;
  • News upload;
  • Inbox and e-mail address generation/administration;
  • Website transfer from one host to another;
  • Website content backup;
  • New product upload on e-shop;
  • Product descriptions and price updates on e-shop ;
  • New page upload;
  • Add/Amend/Delete sales promotions, discount banners;
  • New pictures upload;
  • Minor textual corrections;
  • SEO alterations.

Website administration cost: 17 GBP/hour.

Website administration cost per month: 140 GBP/month. Not more than 10 working hours per month.

Website maintenance and administration services do not include programming and design.

We administer content management systems and websites which do not have any content creation systems.

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