Website design

In the digital era, typical clients are digital clients. Any business today is expected to be visible and easily accessible online. Therefore creating a unique website is one of the top priorities in order to succeed. Our team of highly experienced geeky developers, crafty designers, data- driven SEO analysts and creative copywriters offer you the most powerful marketing tool — one unique professionally developed and eye- catching website at your service.

Unique website design

Unique website design

Here our unconditional love for art blends with highly sophisticated programming skills.
After carefully investigating our clients’ needs and preferences, we offer unique ideas and implement them practically in no time.

Responsive design

Responsive design

All of our websites are compatible with mobile devices and tablets— we make your website look beautiful and sharp in any resolution there is.

SEO optimisation

SEO optimisation

We offer an abundance of modules, add-ons, which optimise a functionality of a website: multilingual sites, live- chat, forums, search functions, galleries, etc. Modules and add-ons are being carefully considered and selected with each client individually.

CMS - Content Management System

CMS – Content Management System

An easy to navigate, user- friendly and simply manageable website is one of our top goals.
We install and fully adjust the most modern content management system to your needs and teach you how to use it.

Work progress

  1. After carefully listening to our clients’ visions and needs, we prepare the project plan and indicate deadlines and prices.
  2. We analyse clients’ business industries, including their competitors in the market.
  3. After consulting with a client, we propose to start building the website by creating a unique design.
  4. When a design is confirmed by a client, we install modules, write texts and perform an internal page optimisation process for search engines.
  5. We offer any further consultancy and full support in case of any questions or issue.


A standard website is created in 7 to 8 working days. However, some more unusual requests can take up to several weeks or even several months to get finished. In the process of building a website, it is important to have your content (e.g. texts, photos, etc.) ready as soon as possible in order to save more time.
Yes. You will get the full control of your website files and if needed you are free to transfer the files at any time.
The prices which are indicated in our price-list can vary if some extra features are requested to be included on the website. In such cases, the prices are being set individually.
A website consists of 3 main elements: textual information visual information (photos and videos) and design. If you do not have your own vision, not to worry – we will suggest you some styles based on your industry.
Yes. If you are familiar with MS Word, website correction is just a piece of cake. We are using the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) in the world – WordPress. Once the web page is built, we fully teach you how to use the CMS.
Internal SEO optimisation is website’s structural adjustments made by recommendations of Google. It includes the content on the website as well as the structure of the website. Before starting the external optimisation process of a website, it is always recommended to adapt the internal SEO first. It is a long process, which requires resilience in order to achieve best results on search engines. It typically takes between 2 to 6 months to fully realise the website’s potential.
After receiving an inquiry from a potential client, we listen to his or her needs and make sure we understand the goals clearly. Once the mutual vision is created, we start out by proposing our primary designs in just two working days. The design stage also includes the industry analysis focusing on the main competitors of the particular field, as well as creating original texts. Further on, the content is being optimised to yield the best results on online web search engines. Copywriting and SEO optimisation takes only 7 working days to be completed. Once the design and the content are confirmed by our client, we continue on programming and coding
of the website. At the end, we upload the content into the website for the final review. A completely new professional website is typically created in 20 to 30 working days. The estimated time depends on the level of communication with a client. Projects are being carried out much quicker if a client is interested in having a fully functioning website as soon as possible, and hence responds swiftly to our requests in regards to certain information which are necessary for completing a website.

Why do you need a website?


Match your clients’ expectations

The web is the most popular and the most powerful search tool, helping people to get to the information, products or services that they are in need of. There is no question that most of your potential clients are using the internet as their main source of information. Therefore you are expected to be visible online.



Another advantage of having a professional website is the ability to share the relevant information with you clients in no time. If you are about to
launch a big event, or a new stock was received, or if you have an important announcement to make, or considering launching sales promotion — your
clients will always be informed right away. Since a webpage is running for your service for 24/7, your clients can always find you in one place at any time.


ROI – Save

Building a website is not only cost effective but also inexpensive, too. To illustrate this, simply calculate, how much of money do you spend on advertising. Newspaper and online ads, flyers and other marketing techniques cost you more than building and maintaining a website. It is an economic way to become more visible and attract more clients.